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Don't waste time with trial and error ? this company has taken the guesswork out of finding wines you'll love.  Their wines are carefully selected by experts and then approved by panels of wine drinkers just like you - to ensure that every wine's a winner - an easy and reliable way to discover new favorites.

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Online Wine Retailer Review

All of our online wine partners provide the very best of services in the industry.  But like all businesses, each of our partners distinguish themselves in many ways.  They have areas of specialty and focus on many different areas.  We have created a simple rating scale from one (lowest) to five (highest), with reviews to follow that will help you choose the online wine retailer best suited to your needs.

For each of our partners, we have created a summary and analysis, including their positioning, areas we?ve reviewed, and our synopsis:

  1. About Them ? In their own words, each retailer characterizes their specialties and niche in the market place.

  2. Breadth of Offerings ? How we see the volume of different wine labels available at the retailer from different vineyards, countries, varietals, etc.

  3. Level of Expertise ? How much do you need to know - some sites rely on their customers to possess little to no previous knowledge of wines and their personal preferences, while other sites expect their patrons to be well educated and specific in their needs.

  4. Ease of Navigation ? How simple is it for the shopper to navigate their site - search, move from page to page, and purchase wines.

  5. Availability of Help ? Whether in the form of wine ratings from reputable sources or access to articles expanding the customer?s knowledge base, how well does the retailer help you.

  6. Price Range ? To what degree does the retailer offer wines across all price ranges rather than only low priced or high end wines,

  7. 100BestWines Summary ? We offer a summary of our overall impressions of the site and any special characteristics not covered by the categories above.

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Wine.com - see our new arrivals
About Them

Wine.com’s simply stated mission is “to make it fun, easy and risk-free for you to discover great new wines from all over the world, whether shopping for yourself or sending a gift.”

Their experts review thousands of the highest quality wines from around the world representing all varietals and regions. They provide a list called “90+ point rated wines for under $20” offering you the highest rated wines (according to independent wine critics such as Wine Spectator (is there an affiliate link we can put here to subscribe to the magazine?) and Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate) at affordable prices. For those of superior wine knowledge and experience they have a list of “94+ point rated wines”.

Wine.com believes knowledge of wines is an important element of the purchasing experience. That’s why each of their wines includes notes from the winemaker, and links to information about the winery and the region it’s in. In addition to an extensive array of wines, offer an extensive assortment of gourmet food, wine gift baskets, and business gifts. They do all the gift preparations themselves.

Breadth of Offerings (5)
Level of Expertise (5)
Ease of Navigation (5)
Availability of Help (5)
Price Range (5)
100BestWines Summary Wine.com has an incredible volume of wines from which to choose, from all regions of the world, in all price ranges, and the extensive, yet user-friendly, search criteria make selection really quite easy. Their “Wine Basics”, ratings, winemaker’s notes, and commentaries provide an excellent and valuable foundation to develop your wine knowledge. They also offer special promotions, packages, and discounts that will entice you to try new and different wines. The purchase process is easy and well thought out with the online security you expect. Overall, we believe Wine.com is an excellent site for the novice and moderately experienced wine buyer to explore, evaluate, and purchase wines online.

Morrell Wine
Morrellwine.com - America's Premier Wine Merchant
About Them

The Morrell family has always said that as merchants they have to "put our money where our mouth is" ? they buy the wine and sell the wine, and so they have the confidence in their purchases and their own ability to judge wines. They also look at wines as value for money. They not only compare an Italian Cabernet to other Italian Cabernets, or rate it only on its own merits, but they compare it to all Cabernets ? if you can get a better cabernet from California for 20% less money, they?ll likely pass on the Italian cabernet.

Of course, a great number of wines are highly rated from respected wine periodicals such as: Robert Parker's, The Wine Advocate, The Wine Spectator and Steve Tanzer's, The International Wine Cellar. For 59 years their motto has been ?Taste You Can Trust!?

Morrell Wine has a long tradition of providing excellent service and value in the wine business that finds its roots in the 1920?s.  From sales up and down the east coast Morrell Wine has opened many wine shops, the latest of which is located at Rockefeller Center and includes a wine bar and café.

Breadth of Offerings (4)
Level of Expertise (5)
Ease of Navigation (4)
Availability of Help (5)
Price Range (4)
100BestWines Summary Morrell Wines has a distinguished past that mustn?t be ignored.  Morrell was one of the first retailers to research, experiment with, and make available many of the prized French varietals we?ve grown to covet.  While their online selection of accessories is very limited, they offer many wines that cannot be found elsewhere.  With their inclusion of premium wine offerings, Morrell established themselves as an online retailer that leans towards the high-end, and in the case of wine futures such as Bordeaux and Sauterne varietals, not for the faint of heart.  The online search process takes a little getting used to and might be considered cumbersome at first.  An added benefit of Morrell?s online store is their extensive selection of spirits.  From Aperitifs to Armagnacs/Cognacs to Whiskeys, and Fortified Wines you?ll not find a more balanced selection of excellent spirits in price and quality.  Definitely a site that has a long tradition of service, education, and dedication to bringing outstanding wines and spirits to the online public. 

Send Prime Wine Fast - Highly Recommended
About Them

This online wine retailer recognizes that your repeat business is the cornerstone of their continued growth and success. PrimeWine focuses their energy on ?combining the unique and hard to find wines with a down to earth atmosphere? to create the ultimate wine shopping experience.  Finding your individual tastes to maximize quality and value are what they do best. Your satisfaction is their number one goal.

Breadth of Offerings (3)
Level of Expertise (3)
Ease of Navigation (4)
Availability of Help (5)
Price Range (5)
100BestWines Summary

PrimeWine is an online wine retailer that spends a great deal of time reviewing and analyzing wines prior to placing them in their portfolio.  As a result, they review significantly more wines that don?t meet their requirements before offering the select ones that do to their customers.  PrimeWines tends to offer fewer labels and from distinct wineries as opposed to other retailers that offer just a very broad selection of the market.  They know and anticipate their customer?s tastes and pocketbooks.  While the search capabilities are a little cumbersome at first, a little trial and error soon resolves that difficulty.  A very nice feature of their individual product pages is the inclusion of any ratings available for that wine (from all the big reviewers), tasting notes on the wine, food pairings that could accompany the wine, and other suggestions of wines similar to that which you selected.  PrimeWine may not have been around very long (about nine years), but they have a site that is easy to use and provides the novice with invaluable information that will enhance their buying experience.

MyWinesDirect Seasonal
My Wines Direct
About Them

This site was started to make the wine purchasing experience less confusing and less intimidating.  Their stated mission is to ?Enhance your wine enjoyment with expertly chosen, consumer-approved wines from small undiscovered vineyards. Offer you a limited, carefully selected number of wines to eliminate confusion.  Provide you with outstanding wine values and make wine buying easy, reliable and convenient. Give you knowledge to experiment and the confidence to discover your own likes, dislikes and tastes.?

Breadth of Offerings (3)
Level of Expertise (3)
Ease of Navigation (4)
Availability of Help (5)
Price Range (4)
100BestWines Summary

True to their stated mission, MyWinesDirect has a limited number of wines from which to select.  They have spent considerable time selecting good to great wines from boutique vineyards that will have vast cross appeal.  The search capabilities are simple, yet fully encompass their portfolio. The price offerings are extremely reasonable allowing the online wine buyer to experiment without the angst of dropping a lot of money.  The individual product pages are concise with tasting notes, food pairing suggestions, other buyers? ratings and comments, and suggestions of other wines similar to the wine you?re considering.  The ?My Wine Guide? and ?Our Difference? pages provide a broad range of educational opportunities such as storing and serving wine, grape varietals, food pairing suggestions, recipes, and wine related articles.  MyWinesDirect upholds their mission statement well and, if you?re a novice wine buyer, provides a wealth of information that will have you talking, tasting, selecting, and buying like a seasoned, experienced wine connoisseur. 

The Wine Messenger
The Wine Messenger
About Them

About Them - Since 1995, The Wine Messenger has built themselves into the source you can trust for providing you with good wines ? often award-winning in their home country ? at reasonable prices. All of their wines share the following characteristics:

  1. All have undergone a lengthy vetting process ? Their tasting panel reviews thousands of wines each year to bring you the very best, and they offer only those wines that meet their exacting standards.  Their direct import model allows them to bring you new wines from exciting regions faster than through conventional channels, and they never have distributors forcing them to sell their unpopular wines.

  2. All are thoroughly researched by their wine staff, and each receives a detailed written description from their President, complete with production information, regional and winery information, as well as detailed tasting notes and a rating.

Their philosophy is to select outstanding wines from small, family-owned wineries from around the world. At the Wine Messenger, their model enables them to be much more nimble in dealing with wineries.  If they find a winery that they like, they can immediately add them to their portfolio.  Similarly, if they feel that a wine that they have featured in the past is not of sufficient quality in a given year, they will find another wine they like and hope for improvements in the subsequent vintages.  Their emphasis on buyer/seller trust is critical and to that end they offer a limited selection of wines, provide as much information as possible, and always provide a 100% customer satisfaction policy.

Breadth of Offerings (3)
Level of Expertise (3)
Ease of Navigation (4)
Availability of Help (5)
Price Range (3)
100BestWines Summary

With Wine Messenger the search capabilities are limited, but quite easy to use.  The limited number of offerings is well thought out and covers most every country and region.  The individual product pages provide all the information you might need such as the wine?s rating, varietals, winery notes, tasting notes, food pairing suggestions, and wines of a similar nature.  Their ?Encyclopedia? page offers the novice and intermediate buyer an excellent array of education materials to advance their knowledge base.  All-in-all, Wine Messenger is an online wine retailer that understands their customer?s needs and then delivers on those needs.  Many sites attempt to be all things to all people ? refreshingly Wine Messenger sticks to their philosophy.

Retailers Representing Prime International Vineyards

Looking for a particular wine? Find all your rare wines, en primeurs, fine wines and everyday wines at ChateauOnline.
This is Europe's leading independent online wine merchant, offering a choice of more than 3000 wines which have been selected with the greatest of care by Jean-Michel Deluc, former Head Sommelier at the Paris Ritz.

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