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 Featured Wine Articles
Looking for advice, gift ideas, or just how to chose a cabernet ? check out this and other great articles on wine.
Wine and Your Health
We’ve all heard the claims, a glass of red wine once a day is good for your health. Just look at the French, they do nothing but eat fatty foods and drink wine with each meal, yet they manage to suffer from lower levels of heart disease than other nationalities. So, can it really be true, is wine really good for your health?

Continue reading this article on Wine and Your Health .
 Wine Cellars and Wine Racks
Finally ready to build that wine cellar and need a wine rack or wine cooler ? start with this and more ideas about wine storage.
Keep Wine Chilled - Use a Wine Cooler
Wines taste best served at the right temperature. From 7°C for non vintage sparkling to 18°C for vintage port. Different types of wines need to be served at different temperatures. Wine coolers serve the purpose of chilling your wine to the right temperature.

Continue reading this article on Wine Coolers.
 Wine Baskets and Gifts
They just may be the perfect gift idea for any occasion ? wine and gourmet gift baskets. Find out how to choose a unique gift, order it online and schedule delivery with these informative articles.
Wine Gift Baskets
Extending toasts of wine enthusiasm through gifts of wine baskets has become a hot presentation idea. Offered as corporate gifts or for festival occasions, romantic getaways and family celebratory events, wine baskets herald all the excitement and anticipation ahead. They open up fresh perspectives and great conversation, and revitalize relationships!

Continue reading this article on Giving Gift Baskets.
 Wine Glasses and Accessories
Have you decided to become a wine enthusiast and feel you need to buy Riedel stemware and the latest in wine accessories ? read on to discover the ?essentials?, from corkscrews to decanters.
Serving With Wine Glasses
Many wine experts say that wine must be served in the best wine crystal glasses to get its full blessing, although not of necessity. There are a few central principles to keep in mind when choosing wine crystal glasses that will help one get the utmost from their favorite bottle.

Continue reading this article on Serving with Wine Glasses.
 Wine Clubs
So you want convenience, expert advice and variety ? consider a club and take advantage of monthly selections and even free shipping.  Read more about Wine Clubs and how fantastic wine can show up prepaid at your door.

Wine Clubs - A Convenient Way to Know Wine
Wine clubs have been sprouting up in recent years as a result of an increased interest in wine and greater wine consumption. In fact, according to figures from the Wine Institute, sales of wine in the United States went up four percent in 2004. Exports of wine by other countries to the U.S. remain steady since foreign wineries have found the United States to be a lucrative place to do business. For wine lovers and would-be wine drinkers, joining a wine club would bring numerous benefits.

Continue reading this article on Wine Clubs.
Personalized Wine
Give personalized wine as the perfect gift whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or just because!

Personalized Wine
Personalizing the label for a bottle of wine is a unique way providing the perfect gift that will truly be one of a kind.  Personalized wine is perfect for special birthdays, holidays, corporate events, weddings, or any special occasion that calls for a lasting and memorable gift. 

Continue reading this recipe about Personalized Wine.

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