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I'll admit, getting ready to start your first stained glass piece can be a little scary. There are so many stained glass supplies and tools that its hard to know where to get started and which equipment that you need to buy in order to make a go at your first project.

The good news is that your first project glass piece will be a breeze compared to what you probably think. Most people think that the only people that are qualified to do stained glass are the ones that do the big churches across the world. You can get started with something that will look good in your kitchen window. As long as you get a good stained glass cutter, you can learn the basics of cutting and construction in just a few hours. There are also many local retailers or community colleges that will offer beginner classes in case you want some one on one time.

The best and most trusted stained glass is spectrum stained glass They offer a wide variety of colors and textures that will suit pretty much any project that you'd like to get start. The even better thing is that you can get a great sample set of spectrum glass and have a good variety of colors and textures.

You might be wondering if it's expensive to get started and if you have to buy all sorts of stained glass tools. The answer is no. Sure, cutting glass would be easier with a high powered stained glass saw, but a basic cutting tool will work fine. if you are just getting started, then you will need to get a few of the basics. Essentials typically include glass cutters, basic grinder, flux, a pattern, safety glass, breaking pliers, solder, flux, and some glass. Do not get intimidated by the large list though, these are starter tools so they are usually pretty cheap to pickup.

As your projects advance with your skill, it might be a good idea to invest into higher end Glastar, inland, or gryphon stained glass grinders which will make shaping your stained glass a much easier job. Until then, you can use a simple tool like nick's grinder mate which retails for under twenty dollars. A power stained glass grinder will make projects go faster by smoothing out rougher edges, but its always a good idea to learn the basics first.

Stained glass art is one of the most rewarding experiences in the crafts. There are always new projects out there to test your skills and it's something that you can enjoy with the whole family. Don't let a salesperson talk you into every Morton Glass products available (there are a lot!), just stick with the basics and you can get your stained glass career started off with little expense!