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What will you require to train your dog?

(1) The primary thing you will require is a shipping crate, it should be of adequate size so that your pug doesn’t undergo any type of difficulty to stand up and turn around.

(2) A "Potty area". This will need to remain the same until your dog is completely trained;.

(3) To pick a suitable “Potty Word”.

(4) Your pup’s desired cookies. I find small slices of hot dog (the sausage) work great and your dog will love them!.

(5) To get rid of any accident areas you should buy a cleaner which is non ammonia based. It would be great if you buy the one which is made for pets only. “No Go” is one such example that you can purchase from pet departmental stores.

(6) Keep a pugs chart to know daily wants of your dog.

(7) Above all you need a little bit of time and patience!.

We talk about the crate below:-

If you can obtain the molded, fiberglass type of crate used when shipping by air that is the best type. This will become your dog's "den" and - believe it or not - he will grow to adore it. Your dog will remain in his crate every time when you are not giving him your full attention.

This is really really important. The crate should not be too big. Your pug dog must have sufficient room to stand up and turn around. If the crate is too large, you will defeat the purpose because your dog will relieve himself in one end and lie in the other. It is also essential to buy a crate divider because it reduces the size of the dog crate's "living" area while house-breaking pug puppies. It lets just enough room for sleeping.

One of the most vital points is keeping a chart to know the daily schedule of your dog. You should note down his playtime, his potty timing, wake up time etc. so that you don’t face any trouble. All such timings can be recognized to you after observing his regular activities for at least a week.

Your pugs can understand his “potty area” if you habitually pick your dog up and take him to the same place. Take a preferred snack of his with you, it could even be the hot dog.

Accompany your dog and allow him to lead if possible. You absolutely should not play with him. Your dog should learn from the beginning that this is not playtime or walk time, it is "potty time."

Once the pup starts relieving, select a word for potty. Familiarize him with that word so that every time you say that word, he should go out immediately. Whenever you think that the puppy is learning it, express the word pleasantly and praise him for the successful completion of the task.

Praise your pug puppy when he potties on the designated area. After potty take him inside and offer favorite snack to him. It is essential to take him outside exactly after food or playtime. You must repeat this sequence till evening.

As puppies have the tendency to go for potty and urinate after food so it is suggested not to give food and water to them after 10:00 p.m. It is also suggested to provide warm bedding to the dog’s crate and before you go for sleep set it up in the bedroom near you.

Or else, it can make your pup wet the bed also. Keep his crate near your bed as he will feel comfortable. Most of the times, they prefer to go out immediately after they wake up. Take him to the same potty area to familiarize him and give rewards as taught in the training methods.