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Economical Wedding Favors and Decorations

A lot of people believe it's imperative to pay a fortune on wedding favors and decorations to have an elegant wedding. That is entirely not true. You can still get your dream wedding while using budget - it only will take a little preparation.

Have you selected a Spring or Summer date for your wedding? Then you are in luck. There are a lot of wonderful themes to choose from for wedding receptions in the Summertime and Springtime. Keeping the drinks and food simple will ensure your guests will have a good time. How can they not in such a natural, gorgeous surrounding? A good way to say thanks to your family and friends for participating in this significant day with you while using the Spring theme is by using an inexpensive garden favor to take with them.

Do you want a more Useful Wedding Favor? Choose a garden themed salt and pepper shaker set or butterfly place card holders that could be a nice addition to wedding guests' homes. Remember that no matter how you decide to decorate your wedding, personalize it by using a few things that are totally you for example, your favorite flower or colors.

Are you a huge fan of golf? Then you might have picked for the wedding reception to be at your country club. Some people love the country club while some would rather stay away. You can have a golf themed wedding either way. A country club provides an ideal decorative backdrop for a golf themed wedding. Basically all you have to do is decide on the colors and put Golf Wedding Favors at each table.

Have you considered a theme for your wedding? Choosing a wedding theme makes it easier to decorate and stick to your budget. The theme might be as basic as a color or more involved such as beach or golf theme. If you like the lake or the beach, then having you wedding outdoors would be wonderful for you. You could have a open house and wedding ceremony at the water's edge and let the scenery be your decorative backdrop. Place beach wedding favors or oceanic favors at every guest's place setting.

Cherish your big day and prepare for that honeymoon!