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The majority of us are completely unforewarned that there is literally a full-blown oral health care calamity occurring right under our noses. While a large number of us are fully knowledgeable of the more prevalent dental issues like tooth decay, crooked teeth, and gingivitis-very few understand the full extent of the calamity because even these issues are entirely "too dominant". While the addition of fluoride to community water supplies and common dental health products has drastically attenuated the rate of tooth corrosion (by an estimated 50%) in the past five decades, the action does not seem to be enough according to the Cdc which guesstimates:
  • of all younglings have at least one cavity before the age of 6
  • fifty percent of all kids under the age of 18 have had at the very least one cavity
  • 90% of adults will drag on to have tooth rot issues after the age of 40
  • Only three fourths of adults make it to the age of 60 with SOME of their original teeth left-1/4 of us have none of our original teeth by this point
  • Between 10-15% of all adults have developed periodontal disease
Though the addition of sodium fluoride has helped to greatly reduce the amount of these numbers over the course of years, the rate of run-of-the-mill dental issues is still higher than it should be because millions of people still live in communities void of fluoridated water. Many of these places are rural and tend to be comprised of mainly poor residents who might not be cognizant of dental well being products made with sodium fluoride or how they can help prevent tooth damage. However, the high rates of tooth deterioration are not the only reason for concern. Recent study has exposed to view an definitive link between dental hardiness and dental health and heart disease problems. While run-of-the-mill oral health problems such as tooth corrosion are always great cause for concern, far too little attention is directed towards addressing severe periodontal disease (red and inflamed). Run-of-the-mill oral issues such as gingivitis are actually a mild form of red and inflamed and typically are painless. gingivitis and developed periodontal disease is really an infection that principally affects the gum tissue (at first) and is caused by anaerobic bacteria (such as S. mutans). This infection becomes more severe when it spreads down below the gum line because it produces toxins that may be likely dissolve the supporting bone and gingival tissue that help support your teeth. If periodontal disease treatment is not performed, the teeth will fall out and the bacteria will then spread to other places of the body-such as your heart!! These malicious bacteria might affix to fatty plaques (responsible for clogging arteries) in the heart. This will more obstruct the arteries and restrain blood flow making heart attacks more foreseeable. The bacteria might also inspiration an infection in the heart itself (known as Infective Endocarditis) and add further vexation to this organ. Indeed, while the medical community at large has become more in the know of how prevalent problems like gingivitis and severe periodontal disease may be likely great cause far more significant medical issues than previously thought, this vital dental health information has not been disseminated expediently to the general population. Until the general population is correctly versed as to the full extent of the devastation that can result from syndrome like severe periodontal disease, then the oral well being care breaking point will drag on into the foreseeable future.