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Next time you spend some time observing nature, you will notice that nothing around you has perfectly straight lines. Objects is either curved, crooked, bent or jagged. When there is a hunter with a rifle beside it, they stand out. That is, without the proper ghillie suits to offset this unnaturalness.

Ghillie is an Scottish term for a special kind of game warden. The were given the task protecting the animals on their Lord's lands from theives.While todays hunters easily use a hunting ghillie suit, the ghillies of the old days caught their game quite differently. From time to time the ghillies would stalk the prey by hiding in the vegetation and lying perfectly still. Waiting it out for unsuspecting deer to wander by and then explode out and tackle it with their hands. They would now bring their prize back home so the Lord could shoot it in the castle courtyard in a mock hunt.

Of course, most everyone is familiar with the standard camouflage clothing. A set of pants and jacket with camouflage patterns that copy nature by trying to offset the unnatural form of the individual and her gear. Usually this type of camouflage works. But if you are required to go full out and match the vegetation, only a ghillie suit will accomplish this for you.

They are used professionally by military snipers. You may have seen in recent news pictures of snipers looking half man and half vegetation. That is because nothing in nature has straight lines, so equipment like guns and antennas most times betray concealed positions. To fix this, snipers fashion ghillies for their rifles. The human form is the most unnatural occurrance in nature and the sniper knows that with the proper sniper ghillie suits,someone can walk right by and not know he is there.

The advantage you can gain over your target never ceases to amaze first time users. Hunters continue to be impressed with their hunting ghillie suit. Some of these suits are used by the military and experiences of being walked over and stepped on during scenario games are not uncommen. Before buying your own ghillie suits, study the vegetation you will be using the ghillie suit in, so you can properly decide on the suit with the right pattern. Generally, you will have four patterns to choose from and must rightly decide on the pattern that most perfectly matches the environment you will be using it in.