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For couples not wanting to break their bank on their wedding favors, there are several inexpensive options that wont appear cheap to their guests. Buying the favors out of season is also a way to ensure a discount. For example, if the wedding is in the wintertime, couples should search for favors the prior summer when those selections will be reduced in price. Holiday ornaments are just one inexpensive option that could be used for a wedding during the holiday season.

Personalized Wine Bottles - Many vineyards or local wineries offer huge discounts to brides planning a wedding and are looking to purchase in bulk. For them they get a great advertising opportunity. For the bride they get a classy favor that all their guests will appreciate. For a personalized touch, beautiful and custom printed wine labels are available at a very inexpensive price.

Seed Packets - Flower or vegetable seeds can be purchased in bulk from garden supply stores and inserted into homemade envelopes with a poem or writing enclosed without spending too much money. A cheap, practical option that guests with a green thumb will love. Many favor companies also offer these flower seed favors pre-packaged at a very affordable price if you are not the do-it-yourself type.

Magnets - Purchasing a large amount of magnets in a heart shape or other love-themed design is an easy way to create cheap favors. Theyre also compact and easy for guests to travel with if theyve come from a long distance to attend the ceremony.

Bookmarks - Nearly everyone can use a bookmark to note his or her favorite place in a magazine, textbook or novel. Couples can create their own paper bookmarks and hire a calligrapher to personalize them, or find unique photo bookmark favors for a special picture of the bride and groom.

Chocolate. Whether the couple is buying a bulk supply of chocolate bars and wrapping them with a custom label or bundling up personalized boxes of individual chocolates to use as favors, these treats will surely be a hit. Find cute and inexpensive favor boxes to hold a truffle, or a personalized label for chocolate bars and you will have a favor that will be a "sweet" send off.

Bubbles- In addition to creating a beautiful send-off for the honeymoon, bubbles contained in wedding-themed bottles are cheap and easy-to-find. Couples can choose from bottles in the shape of churches, hearts, doves, bells and more.

Coaster Favors - Another option for easy-to-find favors are drink coasters. Available in glass, crystal, metal and cork, coasters containing a special design can be offered as they are or personalized with the couples names for a special keepsake.

Candle Wedding Favors- There are several ways to create inexpensive wedding favors from candlestea lights can be elegantly spread out around the reception tables with handwritten notes that the guests may take them home at the end of the evening; glass or crystal votive candleholders can be filled with a candle of the couples favorite scent, and heart-shaped candles can stand-alone. Candlelight is an elegant touch to your reception so why not double up on the decor and the favors to save!

In conclusion, with a little money and a lot of creativity, couples can purchase discount wedding favors and dazzle their guests with lovely gifts. The internet has a wealth of great deals on wedding favors for any theme so start your research there to find great online boutiques for unique wedding favors that are sure to dazzle.