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Do you eat enough fiber every day? Probably not. Care to get 30 grams of fiber, plus omega-6 fats, cholesteral inhibiting compounds, vitamins, minerals, protien and enzymes? Then you should try Acai berry products. I recommend Acai Plus by Triunity International which is reviewed at www.acai-plus-exposed.com.

Triunity International distributes Acai Plus through network marketing (or MLM). They advertise that you can get a acai plus free, but my analysis shows that they're not being totally up front about this. You can buy acai Plus today for a small fee if you agree to buy another bottle of Acai Plus. Other companies offer acai berry juice -- monavie and sabazon, for example. If you want a careful analysis of Acai juice products and Acai plus, I recommend you read the free Acai Plus report at www.acai-plus-exposed.com.

Acai berry has the highest level of antioxidants of any other food (measured in ORAC levels). But the acai can lose its nutritional value if it isn't processed properly. It needs to go from berry to powder or frozen soon after harvesting or it will lose it's value. Triunity combines acai berry with goji berry, mangosteen, green tea and over a hundred vitamins and minerals into its Acai Plus drink.

Go back 200 years and you'll find Brazillians eating Acai berry. Acai (aa-SAH-ee) is sometimes called a "super food". Whether you eat the berries or take freeze-dried powder or drink the acai juice, you're getting some of the highest nutritional value of any food on earth. Triunity International has a new product: Acai Plus. Acai plus has more than acai juice, but also green tea, goji berry, and 100+ vitamins and minerals.

The fruit of the Acai Palm, the acai berry, is a grape-sized fruit that's a dark purple. The new Acai Plus by Triunity International contains acai berry juice plus the juice of mangosteen and goji berry as well as green tea, aloe, CO-Q10 and over a hundred vitamins and minerals. Acai is a palm tree that's native to South America. Acai palm is one of the most important plants in the Amazon. The pulp and acai fruit juice comprise a lot of the native diet, but the tree has many, many additional uses.