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Top Ten Reasons to Buy Wine Online

Don?t you just love the Internet. How many things have you been able to do online that you never thought possible, or even imagined, just ten years ago? Well, there?s no segment of life that isn?t available in our new, online world, and now buying wine is on that list.

For many years, choosing and buying wine was an art and a science, requiring extensive research and much trial and error (not that trial and error isn?t a win-win when it comes to wine). The simplest approach to trying new wines was to go to your local liquor store and trust a salesman?s recommendation of a wine that just happened to be in stock. Once you were lucky enough to discover your favorites, you wouldn?t know if they were available until you returned to the store and found out.

Well, times have changed. The Wide World of Wine on the World Wide Web is an entirely different story. There are only advantages to the entire wine experience online. Let me explain just a few.

  1. The prices are fantastic ? the Internet is the ultimate ?super store?, with the competitive prices to match.
  1. There?s such a broad selection ? you wouldn?t be exaggerating to say that any bottle of wine can be found at an online wine store.
  1. Easy to learn about wine ? what could be easier than sitting on your couch and surfing the web to learn about wine varietals, ratings, food and wine pairings, and the latest in wine accessories?
  1. Research the winery ? it?s the next best thing to taking that wine country tour of Napa, and a lot less expensive.
  1. You?ll see what others say ? whether they are professional wine tasters, connoisseurs or just the common person like you and me, find out what they think about the wine you want to buy.
  1. It?s shipped to your front door ? save on gas, save on time and enjoy coming home to see your latest selections on the front porch ? in many cases, the with free shipping.
  1. There?s information on wine glasses, wine racks, wine coolers and more ? don?t stop at just shopping for wine, you can learn about and shop for every wine accessory.
  1. Find books to read and enjoy ? so you want to do some of your research off-line, then order up one of the many wine books ? online, of course.
  1. Did you know you can personalize your wine label ? buy personalized wine with labels custom designed by you with your special message.
  1. Sending wine as that special gift couldn?t be easier ? no more troubles with gift ideas ? direct ship wine gift baskets or enroll your recipient in a wine club.

Perhaps the #1 reason to buy wine online is because it saves time ? you don?t want to waste your time worrying about making the right choices, you want to spend your time enjoying the best wines.

- Michael Zanatta
Michael is a freelance writer and wine connoisseur whose family vineyards are in the Veneto region of Italy.

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