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Buying Wine as a Gift

A gift of wine is one of the most personal, unique and appreciated, and needn?t be limited to simply the choice of a single bottle ? there are many options, some of which are wine gifts that ?keep giving?.

I?ve always found that bringing a fine wine to the host or hostess of a party is a classic way to provide a unique gift that will be enjoyed ? simple for me and appreciated by them. However, many people are shy to buy gifts of wine, concerned about the ?risks? of either buying a bottle of wine that the recipient may not like, or even worse, liking the wine so much themselves that it gets uncorked at home before ever making it to the party! The simple solution for the latter is to buy two bottles. As for worries that your host may not like your selection, remember to select a wine that your recipient would like, not necessarily what YOUR wine favorite would be. Also, when it comes to buying a bottle of wine, you will discover many suggestions at 100BestWines.com to help mitigate your ?risk? and make your choice much easier.

Here are a few ?sure-fire classics? you can always rely on ?

  • Ch. Ste. Michelle 2004 Indian Wells Vineyard Chardonnay - Columbia Valley, Washington,
  • Penfolds 2003 Bin 407 Cabernet Sauvignon ? Australia,
  • Domaine Chandon Etoile - Napa Valley, California,

But what if you don?t have any idea whether your recipient prefers reds or whites, French or domestic? Never fear! Consider gifting wine accessories - any and every wine drinker needs to open their wine bottle and a glass to pour it into. And for the serious gift for the serious connoisseur, consider purchasing gifts for them to store their wines - a wine rack or wine refrigerator. For the individual that already has everything, consider buying wine charms for their Riedel glassware.

Try these ?always needed? accessories when you?re concerned about choosing ?

  • International Wine Accessories at InternationalWineAccessories,
  • The Wine Enthusiast at TheWineEnthusiast.com ,
  • Cooking.com at Cooking.com , and
  • The Chef?s Corner at Cookware and Cutlery

If you have plenty of lead time before your gift needs to arrive, a wonderfully unique gift is bottles of wine with personalized labels. Here is a way for your recipient to feel special and for you to convey exactly the message you want. Presenting your sister a bottle of Zinfandel whose label reads ?Happy 30th Birthday?, to giving your best friend a Cabernet with ?Congratulations on your Hole-in-One? on the label or watching your niece open her holiday gift and see a wonderful Chardonnay with a label of ?Blessed First Christmas? ? these are moments that can?t be matched.

Check out these vineyards and websites that will put your label ideas on great wines ?

  • Windsor Vineyards at WindsorVineyards,
  • International Wine Accessories at International Wine Accessories at InternationalWineAccessories,
  • All Wine Baskets at AllWineBaskets.com .

Of course, my personal favorite for the true wine lover is perhaps the most appreciated ? enrolling your spouse, friend or relative in a wine club. The novice will learn that not all wine comes in a box, while the enthusiast will find new choices that they may never have considered. For you, the giver, it?s an extremely easy way to give wine, especially with the wide variety of offerings you can now find on the internet. Enrollment is quick and easy, with prices covering the full spectrum of affordability. And of course, nothing beats opening your front door to see your latest delivery of special wines waiting for you, without stressing over the selections or traveling to the liquor store.

Check out these websites for Wine Clubs and Gifting to deliver the wine for you ?

  • Wine.com-seeournewarrivals,
  • The Wine Messenger,
  • AllWineBaskets.com, and
  • MyWinesDirect

We hope this gets you started with your wine gifting needs. Just think, if you?re really lucky, they just might be willing to share, but don?t count on it!

- Michael Zanatta
Michael is a freelance writer and wine connoisseur whose family vineyards are in the Veneto region of Italy.

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