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Featured Articles on Wine Education

  What is the Correct Temperature to Serve Wine?
Everyone knows the general rule of thumb when it comes to wine serving temperatures; serve white wines cold and red wines warm?right?  Well, the truth is that most people, including waiters, serve their white wines too cold and their red wines too warm.

Continue reading this article on Wine Temperature.

  Wine Rating Systems Explained
When it comes to rating wine, things like the taster?s personal preferences, the type of wine glass used, or the wine?s serving temperature, one system?s winner may not be another?s.

Continue reading this article on Wine Ratings.

  Opening wine bottles – the “proper” technique
You struggle to save the cork as you gently pull, but it?s too late.  The cork has broken in two and you?re standing there wondering if anyone will notice if you just push it into the bottle.

Continue reading this article on Opening Wine Bottles.

  The Classic Grape Varieties
Each type of wine, or varietal, takes the name of the grape variety from which they were produced. Wines must be made up of at least 75 percent of a particular grape variety to carry the varietals name.

Continue reading this article on Wine Grape Varieties.

  Three Simple Ways to Make your Wine Taste Better
Most of the times, we drink a bottle of wine without fully appreciating its texture and aroma. Wine is volatile and will react to its environment. There are three simple steps to obtain a better tasting wine.

Continue reading this article on Better Tasting Wine.

  Riedel Wineglasses: The Science Inside
For many former students, science was a class where it was hard to get excited. All the talk of human cells, the lectures on atoms, and the discovery that a hypothesis is not a huge, plant-eating African mammal was enough to make someone want to stick their head inside a Bunsen burner. While it may have been a boring subject in youth, in adulthood the science of wine is particularly interesting, making even those of us who hated everything from anatomy to zoology willing to raise our test tubes in a toast.

Continue reading this article on Riedel Wineglasses.

  What to Know Before Buying a Winerack
Wine connoisseurs all know that the proper storage of wine is important to its final flavor. Once it is already bottled, wine will still mature and gain body and flavor. Proper care should be taken when handling wine, or else its potential for greatness will go to waste. To keep their wine well preserved, the discriminating connoisseur will choose a proper wine rack.

Continue reading this article on Buying Wineracks.

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