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Featured Articles about Wine

 Featured Wine Articles

  The Mayonnaise Jar and the 2 Glasses of Wine
When things in your life seem almost too much to handle, when 24 hours in a day are not enough, remember the mayonnaise jar and the 2 glasses of wine...

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  Valentine’s Day Essentials
Your mission should be to make this special day as personal as possible and, hopefully, last well beyond the actual Valentine’s Day. The best part is that you can make all the plans right from your PC and purchase every item online. Couldn’t be easier! The options are nearly endless, but here are a few ideas that we have tried and KNOW will work for you.

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  Top 10 Reasons to Buy Wine Online
Don?t you just love the Internet.  How many things have you been able to do online that you never thought possible, or even imagined, just ten years ago?  Well, there?s no segment of life that isn?t available in our new, online world, and now buying wine is on that list.

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  Choosing a Wine for your Party Host
Choosing the perfect wine as a gift for a party host is an old, venerated, and perfectly acceptable ?thank you? for your invitation to the party and a sign that you care about and acknowledge the hard work of the person hosting the party. Begin by determining a price point that doesn?t break the bank and work from there to find a delicious, complex wine that your host will enjoy.

Continue reading this article on Choosing a Wine.

  Buying Wine as a Gift
A gift of wine is one of the most personal, unique and appreciated, and needn?t be limited to simply the choice of a single bottle ? there are many options, some of which are wine gifts that ?keep giving?.

Continue reading this article on Gift Wine .

  The Essentials – Seven Bottles Cover All Occasions
Like that little black Chanel ‘A – line’ dress that never goes out of style, there are a few required wines that should always be at the ready that will please most any discerning guest's palate and never go out of style. Your mission, without having to stock an entire cellar, is to purchase wines that bridge the varietal palate from light and fruity white wines to robust, full-bodied red wines. Purchase varietals that most everyone will recognize and trust.

Continue reading this article on Seven Essential Wines.

  The ‘Rhône Rangers’ – Fabulous Alternatives to Burgundy and Bordeaux
The Rhône region of France is developing into an alternative wine growing area to the more expensive and well established Burgundy and Bordeaux regions. Located just south of Burgundy, the Rhône region meanders along the Rhône River almost 150miles from Avignon to Lyon. With two distinct areas of terroir, the region is made up of the Northern Rhône with hard rock soils and the Southern Rhône with its gentler Mediterranean soils and climate. Because of these north and south differences the wines produced are quite different as well.

Continue reading this article on Rhone Wines.

  The 12 Wines of Christmas
Everyone relishes a happy and joyful holiday season, and while decorations and festivities abound, nothing is more satisfying than the warm companionship and conversation of holiday dining.  When you enjoy your special traditions and recipes for that fabulous family meal, the superb banquet with friends, or the cozy dinner for two, nothing adds more to special holiday dining than just the right partnering with wine.  But always remember Rule #1 of pairing wine with food? there are NO rules when it comes to matching wine with your favorite recipe.  Don?t worry whether it?s red or white, dry or fruity ? the ultimate match is the one that best pleases your palate.  And when you discover that perfect match, make notes so you can replicate your success, and share it with others.

Continue reading this article on The 12 Wines of Christmas.

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